SIMEC Atlantis says tidal turbine up and running off coast of Japan

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SIMEC Atlantis Energy Limited (LON:SAE) said its tidal turbine and generation equipment has been successfully installed in the Goto Island chain in Japan.

The tidal turbine clocked its first 10MWh )megawatt hours) of generation within the first ten days of operation and is now producing clean electricity in Japan, SIMEC Atlantis said.

The project included leasing tidal generation equipment and providing offshore construction services to Kyuden Mirai Energy for a pilot turbine located in the straits of Naru Island, within the southern Japanese Goto island chain. The SAE designed and manufactured AR500 tidal turbine was assembled at SAE’s operations and maintenance base at Nigg Energy Park in Scotland. The turbine was assembled and tested in nine weeks before shipping to Japan.

“This is a huge milestone for the deployment of clean, renewable energy from tidal stream and we hope it will be the first of many tidal turbines installed in Japan,” said Graham Reid, the chief executive officer of SIMEC Atlantis.

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