Rosslyn Data Technologies wins three-year contract for the implementation and license of a Langdon E

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Rosslyn Data Technologies PLC (LON:RDT), a leading global big data technology company, said it has won a three-year contract for the implementation and license of a Langdon Excise system.

The group said the client is a major multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer based in the UK and with a significant presence in the Republic of Ireland (ROI).

The system will provide a comprehensive end to end solution complying with existing legislation and public notices to allow the client to receive, manage and discharge duty suspended shipments from authorised suppliers under the Excise movement and control system (EMCS), as well as to make their own shipments of duty suspended goods to authorised destinations, it added.

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The system will also allow stock tracking and visibility at a depot level, and ultimately allow the compliant control and storage of duty suspended goods with non-customs goods in the ROI.

The company said the contract is of a size that will not, in itself, have a material impact on the financial performance of the group but it is considered significant, in that it demonstrates the traction that Langdon Systems is having with large end clients as the country prepares for Brexit.

In a statement, Rosslyn Data’s chief executive officer, Roger Bullen said: “This win illustrates the opportunities that have arisen for Langdon Systems as a result of Brexit and our ability, one year after the acquisition of Langdon, to scale up the Langdon business by moving into larger implementations with higher contract values.”

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