IQ-AI advances its contrast free imaging project to the next stage, validation testing

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IQ-AI Ltd. (LON:IQAI) said it has advanced its contrast free imaging project to the next stage, validation testing.

The group said the validation stage includes subjecting the Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to a large and varied set of data, and statistically comparing the model’s output to “ground truth”, or actual, images acquired using contrast.

The testing results will refine the model sufficiently to prepare it for the final stage – regulatory clearance, it added.

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IQ-AI noted that one in three MRI scans use contrast to improve the diagnostic accuracy of the scan. In the US alone, that equates to approximately 10 million scans per year of which 40% are neuro scan, it said.

While the associated cost savings of contrast agent material alone is substantial, the potential impact to routine clinical practice is also significant. For instance, not having to inject contrast agents results in more efficient clinical workflows.

Moreover, since the administration of contrast agent is not always performed properly and may result in lost scanner time or rescheduled scans, patient throughput and scanner utilisation may also increase.

There are also costs associated with the power injectors themselves. Most importantly, a successful ‘gad-free’ program – one not using gadolinium – will further reduce the potential risks associated with gadolinium retention in the body.

The patent application for ‘gad free’ imaging, filed in October of 2018 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, remains under review.

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