Braveheart Investment says investee company expects to be selling new, specially-coated anti-COVID-1

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Braveheart Investment Group PLC (LON:BRH) has said a new antiviral face mask that can kill coronavirus (COVID-19) will go on sale by the end of the year.

This follows a flurry of activity at Braveheart investee company Pharm2Farm (P2F), which has developed a textile coating incorporating nanoparticles with long-lasting virucidal properties.

It now has testing results from two independent labs that show the mask textile has a ‘kill rate’ of over 90% for up to seven hours, meeting the requirements for ISO 18184 certification.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) sets the international benchmark for antiviral activity in fabrics.

P2F has now submitted a patent application to protect the intellectual property around the unique coating.

Practically, an automated mask production line capable of producing 5mln units a month will be in production by the end of December.

Finally, Braveheart’s sale of its 51.72% stake in P2F to Remote Monitored Systems PLC (LON:RMS) is expected to complete on November 5. As a result Braveheart will own 37.12% of RMS.

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