FastForward Innovations notes that investee company Juvenescence has signed a partnership deal with

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FastForward Innovations Ltd, the AIM-quoted company focused on making investments in fast-growing and industry-leading businesses, has noted that its investee company Juvenescence Limited has signed a partnership deal with Evgen Pharma PLC.

FastForward has around a 0.63% interest in the issued stock of Juvenescence.

In a statement on Wednesday, Juvenescence – a life sciences company focused on modifying ageing and increasing human healthspan – said Evgen has licensed its sulforaphane stabilization technology for use in several non-pharmaceutical applications led by its JuvLife division.

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The group said JuvLife will deploy Evgen’s Sulforadex stabilization technology to create and manufacture a nutritional health supplement containing a defined and stable dose of sulforaphane, derived from natural sources.

Juvenescence is based on a new understanding of the underlying biological causes of ageing, creating evidence-based and science-backed therapies. It is focused on increasing how long people live in health by preventing the diseases of ageing in the first place.

JuvLife, one of several divisions within Juvenescence, is committed to be the trusted source of scientifically proven, branded health supplements and medical foods that help increase human healthspan and overall quality of life.

Helping the body scavenge toxic metabolites

In a statement, Colin Watts, chief executive officer of JuvLife, commented: “We are pleased to reach an agreement with Evgen to leverage their scientific technology and expertise to create a differentiated and innovative new product for the global consumer nutritional health market. Sulforaphane is a well-studied natural metabolite derived from cruciferous vegetables that has been shown to activate NRF2 and act as a powerful inducer of the native antioxidant response, helping the body scavenge toxic metabolites and reducing markers of inflammation.

“In this agreement, we are licensing Evgen’s proprietary technology for the natural extraction and stabilisation of sulforaphane in a potent and cost-advantaged form that we believe is superior to all other sources currently commercially available. Juvenescence has built a reputation as a broad-based healthcare company in the longevity space through strong partnerships with scientific leaders in their specific areas and we are delighted to have such a partner in Evgen.”

“The license is for exclusive rights to leverage certain patents and know-how for all non-pharmaceutical applications in the United States, with options for the other major markets namely, Europe, Asia and Rest of World. Evgen will receive upfront and milestone payments of up to $10.5m, and in addition, royalties on sales of the commercialized product,” he added.

Barry Clare, executive chairman of Evgen added: “This deal is a strong demonstration of the broad potential for our sulforaphane platform and achieves monetization in an area which is outside our focus of therapeutic development in the NRF2 and STAT3 pathways. Juvenescence has a science-driven approach to nutritional health supplements and brings in-depth experience in this sector. We are delighted to have them as a partner to bring the power of the sulforaphane platform to life in a non-pharmaceutical sector.”

Evgen’s core technology platform Sulforadex, is a method for synthesising and stabilising the naturally occurring compound sulforaphane and novel proprietary analogues based on sulforaphane. The lead product, SFX-01, is a patented composition of synthetic sulforaphane and alpha-cyclodextrin.

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