IQ-AI says Imaging Biometrics subsidiary gets IB Clinic software purchase from Keck Medical center

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IQ-AI PLC (LON:IQAI) said its subsidiary Imaging Biometrics has announced that the Keck Medical Center of USC (University of Southern California) has purchased its IB Clinic software used for automatically generating IB’s quantitative parameter maps.

The installation provides Keck Medical Center with a processing solution that allows for standardised brain tumour imaging across multiple sites and platforms for its patients.

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“We are excited that Keck Medical Center has adopted our brain tumour imaging platform,” Michael Schmainda, Imaging Biometrics’ chief executive said in a statement.

“IB Clinic’s quantitative output is ideal for major cancer centers such as Keck Medical Center as it automates and standardises care across sites, scanners, and patients. We are equally excited for the collaborative research relationships now established between our two organisations and translating future developments that may result,” he added.

IB clinic includes the IB Neuro module, which generates images of relative cerebral blood volume (rCBV), a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method for evaluating brain tumours. The company noted that higher rCBV is correlated with more aggressive tumours (higher tumour grade) and provides information for diagnosis and treatment optimisation.

IB Neuro’s capabilities from its inception are consistent with national consensus recommendations for collecting and processing rCBV data as published in Neuro-Oncology. The group pointed out that IB Neuro can automatically account for variability inherent with MRI systems by translating the relative MR intensity values to a fixed and consistent scale regardless of scanner platform, field strength, patient, or time point.

IB Clinic’s imaging suite at Keck Medical Center includes automated Delta T1 maps, quantitative subtraction maps proven to eliminate confounding artifacts, such as blood products, and enable objective and rapid identification of true contrast enhancing regions for radiologists.

The two biomarkers, IB’s Delta T1 and rCBV maps, provide complementary information that aids the diagnostic process and improves productivity, the firm concluded.

Shares in IQ-AI jumped 6% to 5.69p early on Wednesday.

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