Ideanomics: Meet the team that’s unlocking the commercial electric vehicle market

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Ideanomics Inc (NASDAQ:IDEX) is one of three companies in the sustainable technology and electric vehicle business presenting at a Proactive’s next online event – on September 9, at 1pm EDT.

This is an online variant of the popular conference format Proactive has run for more than a decade and enables communication between investors and management from some of the world’s cutting-edge businesses.

The electric vehicle (EV) market is hot and growing. Sales are predicted to reach 45 million units a year by 2040, according to recent research. For context, that would see the market scale some 35 times its current size.

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Ideanomics is plugged straight into this growth story with its businesses that monetize the adoption of commercial electric vehicles. Via financing services and purchasing discounts to fleets, it is making the powerful new technologies more accessible for enterprise customers.

Recently announced quarterly results show early promise with US$4.7mln of revenue marking its best three-month block since it began enabling vehicle sales.

The other companies on Wednesday’s roster are further down the electric vehicle supply chain – sustainable tech group Envision Solar International Inc (NASDAQ:EVSI) which has developed power generation and charging systems, and, Nouveau Monde Mining Enterprises Inc (CVE:NOU) which is due to start a commercial-scale operation to provide graphite, a critical component in batteries utilised in EVs.

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